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Expected deliveries February / March '16

Expected deliveries February / March '16

The following products will be re-stocked for the opening of the season:

  • Magura (MT2 MT5 MT7 brakes + accessories)
  • Heatsink (brake pads and accessories)
  • TNN (brake pads)
  • Hashtagg (drive, steering, braking components)
  • Crewkerz (Jealousy bikes in L and S)
  • Bonz (drive and steering components)
  • Ozonys (V7 Curve bikes)
  • Jitsie (drive and braking components)
  • KMC chains
  • Maxxis, Try-All, WAW tyres
  • Echo (bikes + full range of parts inc. tapered carbon forks)

First deliveries will commence towards the end of February (Magura, Hashtagg, Jitsie, Heatsink). Echo should be in stock mid March and Ozonys and Bonz products will be back in stock early April.