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TNN Engineering integrated brake mounts



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Revolutionary 4bolt brake mount + booster setup from TNN.

  • Eliminates the need for spacers and long bolts which tend to flex
  • Booster sits right where braking forces are created meaning an increase in stiffness
  • Lower overall weight while still keeping the cost down
  • Simple to install due to the lack of spacers
  • Removal of booster is possible at all times without the need to replace bolts
  • 4bolt mounts are identical to those sold without a booster meaning high compatibility
  • Lack of the plastic ball clip around the brake slave offers greater stability at reduced adjustability
  • 2mm greater up/down adjustment on the 4bolt mounts
  • Can be run with an additional standard brake booster on very flexy frames
  • 4bolt mounts offer 8.2mm of adjustment
  • Weight: 93g (full set with booster and mounting bolts)

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TNN Engineering integrated brake mounts