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close is the largest Polish trials store. We pride ourselves in outstanding customer service and almost 10 years experience in the sport of bike trials and the trials industry.

Company details:
Trialshop Aleksander Żółtowski
Wargowo 1
64-605 Wargowo
VAT: PL6060069317
REGON: 367746494 is focused on promoting and expanding the sport of bike trials in Poland. We strive to reach that goal by offering quality products which are mostly available on the spot, ready for immediate dispatch. We also focus on maitaining long term relationships with our customers by providing excellent after-sales service.

Since 2011 we have been working our way up in the international market and are now a popular choice among trials riders in Europe thanks to our competitive prices and very quick order processing. Our main goal in the international market is to give our customers a very straight forward ordering process with all the information required to make the best decisions regarding parts, shipping and payment. We are focused on processing orders as quickly and efficiently as possible so that our customers receive their parts almost as quickly as they would when ordering locally. We do this by working with very efficient carrier companies such as DPD and GLS.

As riders ourselves, we understand how important trials is to our customers and that there is nothing worse than waiting for an order with parts essential to get the bike going again!