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Every customer has the right to return the ordered product or products to our store within 14 days of delivery without providing any explanation.

This right applies to all products in our store with the exception of:

  • Bikes or parts which are available on order only.
  • Bikes or parts which have been assembled based on the customer's specification (ie. custom wheels, custom bikes and other parts which have been assembled and cannot be de-coupled without reducing the value of the parts).


  1. Products returned to our store shouldn't bare any signs of use and be in their original packaging.
  2. You should inform us (info at about the return no later than 14 days after taking delivery of your order. From this moment you have 7 days to return the parts to us.
  3. Print the return form, fill it out and pack it with the items you wish to return.
  4. Address the return to:

    Wargowo 1
    64-605 Wargowo

  5. A refund will be issued within 14 days from the moment you informed us about the return (step 2). We reserve the right to withhold your funds until we take delivery of the items you have shipped back to us.

We do not accept COD (cash on delivery) returns.



Download form (80kb, PDF)