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If you are in the EU, you will receive your order within 2-4 working days of making payment. This applies to courier services. These start from 12EUR.

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We ship most of our orders using major courier companies such as DPD, GLS, UPS or DHL.

For orders within the EU, we rely entirely on DPD due to very good experiences with this carrier. 

Orders outside the EU are handled mostly by DHL, UPS, and EMS.

Air mail is available for EU and non-EU customers. This is the cheapest option for small parts such as brake pads, boosters, grips - anything that will fit into a jiffy bag. 

Priority parcel mail is available for non-EU customers. This is the cheap alternative to courier services.

By default, if you are not logged in our shop will assume a Polish shipping address and show fees accordingly. You must log in and add a shipping address to receive the correct quote for your region.

Do I pay any import duties or tax?

Customers based in the European Union do not pay any duties or tax. The order will be delivered to you exactly like it would if you were ordering locally - the shipping just takes 1-3 days longer!

Customers based outside the European Union will have their order undergo customs clearance upon arrival and will need to pay import duties and VAT on their order. For orders shipped by courier such as DHL or UPS, 0% VAT purchases are available. Please email us for details.

Customers with an EU VAT number can purchase items without the 23% Polish VAT on the condition that a confirmation of delivery is signed/stamped and shipped back to us. This document will be included with your order, you will be asked to post it within 7 days of receiving the order. 


How much is shipping for my order?

The prices below are for preview purposes only and include EU countries. The cart will calculate the price based on the current exchange rates. Cart shipping fees can differ from the ones below usually by no more than 10% either way. The price displayed upon checkout is what you pay so we suggest you open an account and add a shipping address to preview shipping costs for your order.

Air Mail only applies to small items. If your cart consists of these, this shipping option will be available. Air Mail to the EU costs €5.50 - €10.30 for small packets up to 1kg. Orders above 1kg are usually cheaper to ship by DPD. Should you chose Air Mail, we may upgrade the carrier to DPD free of charge if there is a small difference in costs.

DPD has a fixed rate regardless of whether you are ordering a spoke or a complete bike.

CountryDPD European Union
Czech Republic€14.50
United Kingdom€20.60 / £15.50
N. Ireland€21.20



Description of shipping options available at our store for EU customers

Unless you are ordering something small, are from the Czech Republic or Slovakia, the best shipping choice for you will either be GLS International or DPD International, depending on which is cheaper. These carriers are recommended for anything larger than cranks or other small accessories with a low value. Below you will find a description of all shipping options available to the EU. Depending on your order, some of these shipping options may not display in your carrier list.

Air mail - small packet
Standard service available for small packets up to 2kg and to all countries. Limited tracking available. Delivery time within Europe ranges between 4 and 7 working days. 

Price: from 6EUR (Europe, 350g)


Air mail - parcel
Standard service available for larger parcels and to all countries. Limited tracking available. Delivery time within Europe ranges between 4 and 7 working days 

Price: from 14EUR (Czech Republic, 5kg)


DPD International
Our preferred choice of shipping for all items which will not fit into a jiffy bag. Full online tracking available, insurance included in price. Delivery time is 1-4 working days within Europe. The closer you are to Poland, the quicker. 

Price: from 15EUR (Germany, 40kg volumetric) to 40EUR (Greece, 40kg volumetric)


Decription of shipping options available at our store for non-EU customers

If you are located outside the EU, there are a few things to know first:

  • If your order is shipped by a courier such as DHL or UPS, your purchase will be VAT free.
  • It is recommended that you chose DHL for VAT free purchases as customs clearance will be much easier - essentially, they do all the paperwork for you.
  • We cannot declare a low value for the parcel if you want to purchase without VAT. The parcel value will always be exactly how much you pay us.
  • The shipping price in your cart is an estimate. While it is usually accurate for mail and EMS services and will not need updating, carriers such as DHL may give us a quote which is different to that on our website. In such a case, we will contact you to confirm that the revised shipping costs are ok with you. If you are using any of the shipping options below, we kindly ask that you do not pay until we contact you. If you are checking out by PayPal this is not an issue as we are able to refund any payments immediately should the shipping costs need to be revised.


Air mail - small packet
Standard service available for small packets up to 2kg and to all countries. Limited tracking available. Delivery time should not exceed 12 working days + customs.

Price: from 6EUR (N. America, Asia, Africa, Oceania, 350g) to 50EUR (Oceania, 2kg)


Air mail - parcel service
Standard parcel service available for parcels up to 14kg and to all countries. Bikes other than 20" excluded, please contact us about this. Limited tracking available. Delivery time should not exceed 12 working days + customs.

Price: from ~30EUR (N. America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, 1kg) to 200EUR (Oceania, 14kg)



EMS Express
International Express service available to all countries, sometimes the only service that will deliver to your country. Full online tracking available. Delivery time should not exceed 7 working days + customs.

Price: from 45EUR (1kg, N. America, Europe outside the EU) to 250EUR (Oceania, 13kg)


DHL Express
Safest way to ship outside the EU and will be the cheapest excluding small parcels (cranks and similar accessories). Insurance included in price. Full tracking available. Easy and quick customs clearance as the carrier will prepare all the documents for you. Please note that we do not provide a shipping quote for this payment method upon checkout. Shipping will be calculated after you place your order and you will be asked to confirm that the quote is ok before paying. You can contact us for a shipping quote without placing an order.

Price: from 32EUR (USA, 1kg) through 38EUR (Japan, 1kg) to  190EUR (Australia, 30kg)