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Accepted payment methods and currencies:

Bank transfer payments are accepted in Euro, British Pound, US Dollar and Polish Zloty. However, if you are paying in British Pounds and are located in the UK, we have a better solution set up for you. 

If your order is over 100 Euro, this payment method will be the cheapest. Two conditions need to be met for bank transfer to be quick and cheap:

1. You're in the EU

2. You're paying in Euro

Choosing bank transfer will require you to log into your bank account and complete the transaction manually by entering our bank details which will be sent to you by email automatically. This payment usually costs 1 - 3 Euro and takes 1 working day to clear.

We recommend this payment for orders above 100EUR and ones which are not required to ship the same day. Please note that for complete bikes or wheels - which require assembly - bank transfers always clear before we are ready to ship your order. If you are in a hurry please send us a confirmation so we can get down to your order while we wait for the funds to clear.

If you are  not from the EU, you are still welcome to use bank transfer. When making an extra-EU payment you will be asked about transfer fees. Please make sure you cover all transfer fees (sender and receiver). Extra-EU transfers may take up to 3 days to process.

You can pay using your PayPal account or credit / debit card. 

Payments are accepted in British Pound, Euro, US Dollar, Polish Zloty.

Please note that this payment method may incur very high transfer fees which are displayed once you have selected your desired shipping option and accepted our terms and conditions. Up until January 2019 these fees were included within the price of each product on our webshop. We have since separated the two: all prices have been dropped by 9% permanently but you will now be charged for using PayPal. 

The fee is 7.6% and is probably higher than fees you may have encountered on other websites using PayPal (usually 4%). It consists of a 3% transfer fee, 3% exchange rate fee and sales tax (23%). The exchange rate fee is usually not present in other shops and is what makes this payment method more expensive. To clarify, Poland uses it's own currency - the Polish Zloty. We appreciate it is much easier to shop in Euro so for your convenience a couple of major currencies are available at our shop. However, when we withdraw your payment (in Euro, Pounds, Dollars) from PayPal, the platform will automatically convert into Zloty and charge 3% for the service. 

We recommend using PayPal for small and urgent orders, or if you're outside the EU. Please note that for items which require assembly such as bikes or complete wheels, using instant payment will not get your order shipped quicker. If you are ordering a bike and in a hurry, we recommend using bank transfer and sending us an email stating that you have made the payment, so that we can begin to prepare your order.


For UK customers paying in Pounds we have a Sterling account with Transferwise located in London. Your bank transfer will only take a couple of minutes and has no fees attached.

Selecting this payment method will require you to make a domestic bank transfer from your Sterling account to our UK Transferwise account. Payment details are sent automatically by email.