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Orders outside the EU are handled by UPS and FedEx. The carrier available to your region will depend on which of these two offers the best price.

As of yet we do not have a carrier set up for every region of the world. If you are from a region which our webshop does not handle, simply drop us an email. We can ship to your country but need to calculate fees manually.

By default, if you are not logged in our shop will assume a Polish shipping address and show fees accordingly. You must log in and add a shipping address to receive the correct quote for your region.

Do I pay any import duties or tax?

Customers based outside the European Union will have their order undergo customs clearance upon arrival and will need to pay import duties and VAT (if applicable) on their order. 

How much is shipping for my order?

Please drop us an email with your postal code, country and the item you would like to order for a quote.

If you are from Norway, Canada, the USA you can open an account with us, add a shipping address and preview the shipping price directly in your shopping cart.