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Echo SL 108.9 splined freewheel



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Now available in Echo's new splined interface, the SL freewheel is a unique design - it features a titanium centre piece and steel chainring offering over 30g weight reduction over the TR freewheel. Despite popular belief, this freewheel is not stronger than the TR - it delivers roughly the same performance and durability.


  • 18 teeth
  • 108 engagement points
  • 9 pawls (3 pawls engage simmultaneously)
  • Ball bearings
  • Mounting: Echo splined 

Weight: 148g

Splined intefrace tips:

  • This freewheel is compatible with all Echo Splined cranks such as the TR Splined and SL Splined and frames with a spanish BB only.
  • The freewheel is secured in place by a BB spacer as found on all new Echo frames.
  • When mounting the crank onto the BB, please make sure you tighten the cranks so that the freewheel cannot move sideways on the crank

Freewheel removal:

  • Freewheel removal is as easy as pulling the cranks from the BB. No other tools are required.

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    Echo SL 108.9 splined freewheel