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Freewheel/sprocket removal


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Removal service for sprockets or freewheels. Minimum sprocket size: 12T. We do not unscrew sprockets or freewheels which have been installed onto cranks with modified threads.

We remove the following freewheels:

  • Echo SL
  • Echo TR
  • Try-All
  • Rockman
  • Viz
  • Bionic
  • Zhi
  • Monty
  • Jitsie
  • Tr1al
  • Comas
  • Clean
  • Inspired
  • Trialtech


Please note that does not take responsibility for any thread damage or crank/wheel damage caused while undoing sprockets. The torque required to undo some sprockets can exceed 300Nm. 

If you are commissioning a sprocket removal service for the rear wheel, you must send us the wheel with tyre and inner tube.



Shipping address:
Wargowo 1
64-605 Wargowo

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Freewheel/sprocket removal