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Wheel build

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Please add to your order if you require a hub laced to a rim. You will need to choose one of the following options:

  • Please use spokes which are in my basket - use if you have chosen the spokes you want and added them to your basket separately.
  • Echo TR - we will chose the correct length of spokes from our choice of Echo plain gauge spokes


Additional information:

  • If you select "please use spokes which are in my basket", please make sure you have correctly calculated the spoke length for your rim and hub combination. We will verify the spoke length before building your wheel.
  • If you add extra nipples to your order which differ from the standard brass ones (like alloy ones for instance), we will only use them if you specify so in the order comment section. The comment section can be found in the checkout process, on the step where the delivery address is specified.

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Wheel build